Who We Are?

BarcodeIP is an intellectual property paralegal and secretarial support services firm. Our approach is based on understanding a Client’s need, following a defined process, achieving the desired results and working towards continual growth of our clients.

BarcodeIP provides end to end solutions starting with the preparation of Application Filing Packages to Annuity management. Quality is important to us. A desire to constantly evolve and improve is at the root of everything we do.

What We Offer?

The firm offers diverse spheres of patent services spread through the life cycle of a patent, assisting clients globally in providing patent services be it formalizing of Patent Drawings, Proofreading, IDSes, Docketing, and customized tailor-made solutions.

We understand. With a limited budget, peak in workload, the dearth of support staff and approaching deadlines, IP teams are not able to give ample focus on their critical back-office operations. We step in here and allow you to focus on the core IP work while our team of paralegals and docketing specialists take care of the backend work.

barcodeIP – IP Paralegal Support Services

Our goal is to provide the solutions to grow your business, from Good to Great. Our experienced team of paralegal experts work around the clock providing you support even when your local business is at rest and not handling clients. Engage us to make your business, work while you are asleep.

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Why barcodeIP ?

Think Ahead and Boost Your Business Growth with barcodeIP

Process Health

We learn new processes, stabilize them, and work towards their continual improvement. In this cycle, we also improve the process heath by mitigating risks.

Competitive Rate

Our Pricing Is transparent and we mostly operate on a fixed price basis leaving no confusion at the end of task.

Business Scalability

We have structured and cross-trained our team in a way to be able to scale up to any urgent business requirements.

Increase sales, reduce costs and eliminate guesswork

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“We rely on BarcodeIP for patent illustrations for design and utility applications. The team at BarcodeIP is responsive, consistent, and has never missed a deadline. Their pricing is fair and transparent.”

Nick Boyarski, Patent Attorney

Hatch Patents, LLC

“I have been working with Tara Ayyub and BarcodeIP for several months now and it has been both a pleasure and a life saver. Assignments given to them are completed quickly and efficiently and I expect to have a long and fruitful relationship with BarcodeIP.”

Linda Simmon, Senior Paralegal

Brooks Acordia IP Law Corporation Los Angeles, California

“Barcode IP is a great supplier of patent search and patent illustration services. We regularly work with Barcode IP and they provide cost effective solutions for patent informatics. We would recommend Barcode IP for anyone who is in need of patent searches or patent illustrations.”

Anthony Alder, Founder

Alder IP – Patent Attorneys and Solicitors Sydney, Australia

“Barcode IP provides excellent drafting services. The draftsmen without delay or complaint make revisions caused by inventor after thoughts or requirements imposed by patent offices that in several of my cases arose months or years after filing. The draftsmen can work from photographs or sketches and produce professional drawings within a couple of days that you will be proud to present to your client. Give BarcodeIP a try.”

Mrs. Grace J. Fishel, Attorney at Law

The Applicant Missouri, US

“I have used BarcodeIP for both novelty searches and patent drawings. In all the projects, I have received excellent service, rapid turnaround times, friendly staff and economical pricing. The searches have been conducted professionally, with the right level of explanation without verbosity. On the technical drawings, I have been pleased with the quality of the product and willingness to produce multiple drafts and refinements. To create a line drawing from a photograph was particularly impressive. I would highly recommend the company.”

Dr Alan Hesketh, European Patent Attorney & Founder

Founder and CEO, Indigena Biodiversity Limited

"We are a boutique IP firm who attempt to provide efficient application and prosecution services for our clients. Over the years we have tried to nurture support services that correspond with our client’s needs, including speed and efficiency.
BarcodeIP has proven to fill this need. Easy to work with, responsive to needs, and very little rework.
Thank you for your high quality services over the years!"

John D. Gugliotta, P.E., Esq., Partner, Registered Patent Attorney

Gugliotta & Gugliotta, LPA Ohio, US

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barcodeIP is an intellectual property paralegal and secretarial support services firm. Our approach is based on understanding a Client’s need, following a defined process, achieving the desired results and working towards continual growth of our clients.



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