Virtual Office Management

Internet Marketing

Our in house experts will provide you a reliable and fast marketing service, by using different research tactics like; search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click, email marketing, social media marketing, each engine marketing and many others .So let’s give us a chance, and just reach towards your targeted goal.

Content Writing

If you are searching for a perfect and error free writing, we are here to serve you a quality writing services in SEO copywriting, ghost writing, blog writing and social media writing. Just give us a chance and make your writing advance.

Photo Editing

Our Creative team gives you an excellent service in Photo Editing with the use of different effects like Photo Retouching, photo correction, photo Restoration, photo manipulation, photo masking, photo album design etc.

Web Research

Web research is Somehow a time consuming process.We will provide our clients an emphatic and reliable web research. So just take our Web Research service we will stack you with the information in the allotted time.

Email management

Are you tired of managing your high volumes in bound electronic mails? So just make yourself relax from the hustle-bustle of emails and give us a chance, we are here to manage it all pleasingly on your behalf. By prioritizing your emails, so you can spend less time scouring for the most relevant emails and answer the most important ones first. We do emails to present and future clients to set up appointment and answer basic question

Social Media Marketing

You don’t have time to tweet, like and follow people. Our experienced in social media marketing can promote you to an audience and manage you all social accounts, like twitter, face book, linkden and many more.

Calendar Management

We provide services in calendar management in which we set appointment with clients and manage your schedule. We set up client meetings according to your schedule and add it to your calendar.

Travel Planning

Now, you don’t need to spend hours for researching the best hotels and flights when we are here to help you out. We can find the best hotels for your budget and get you a flight within the time window you are looking for.

Data Analysis/Entry

We deliver high quality and accuracy in data analysis and data entry services. Our bouquet of services includes Data entry, Data conversion, Data capturing and data mining. So just share your requirement with us.

Docket Management

Our expertise of paralegals is systematically and quickly set up and manages your docket at very reasonable cost. Take our docketing service and keep yourself spare from maintaining records.

Personal Task

Having lots of burden of your own work? Why to carry it invidually, we are here to help you and take care of your all personal task.

Web Designing

Our multiple services also include service for web designing. Our in-house web designing team design you website with the time plotted time. Take our service and get something really innovative and dissimilar from the others.

Online store front management

We provide great services through web access in product information, availability, order status, product management and order fulfillment.

To Do List

We provide service To- Do- List. Just forward your Do-to-list rest we will handle within the proposed time and standard work output.

Non Voice call center Services

We deal in non voice call centre service in which we manage your documents, handle emails and chats come under non voice process. So why to wait, let your client should know the power of chat and email support.

IT Outsourcing

Our company provides extensive IT expertise to business houses across the world. We offer you with website designing, development, app development, product/Application, banner designing, SEO, SEM and digital marketing.


We are supporting in listed below services including Patent Proofreading, Patent Illustration, US Application Preparation, Patent docketing, Quick prior art search.


Sometimes errors are seemingly insignificant, but if left uncorrected can lead to major consequences. This makes proofreading of an issued patent a critical prosecution step. Furthermore, irrespective of whether the error was committed by the PTO or the applicant, the onus to correct the same falls upon the applicants.



Patent illustrations/drawings help to understand structural view and functional behaviour of the invention and enhance its readability and understanding. Patent illustrations plays an important role in Design patent and Utility patent. The Patent illustrations/ drawings form an integral part of a patent application for better understanding of the invention.



Getting patent is a tedious procedure. Time taken in grant of any patent is vary from application to application, considering the subject matter, criteria’s of the applications and its prosecution. Therefore, for making patent obtaining process easier and profitable entry into the various countries



Patent docketing is a method or system for managing the patent application process. Law firms handle hundreds of patent cases at a time. In patent law firm, the patent application process generates a great deal of paperwork so it is very difficult to manage all the documents without the help of any system or software. Docketing helps patent lawyers keep track of patent deadlines and documents.



Quick prior art search is a quick search for identifying similar inventions within a short frame of time. The purpose of the search is to reveal any obvious obstacles that might prevent the client. It provides an overview of the relevant technologies in an effort to access whether modifications or further innovations will be required.



It is an integral part of the Patent application and Prosecution Process. An IDS is essential to ensure patent validity and enforceability. It is a document submitted to USPTO, the applicant must disclose prior art, or information that pertains to the patentability of the application. We helps in preparing IDS for US patent and timelines defines by the patent office.



Social media is used to promote brands, market products and foster new business. It is a group of tools and social platforms that allow peoples, groups and businesses to communicate with each other and exchange information. Attorneys are using social media for professional development and networking.



In this service we manage mention services Communication handles on emails, Social media marketing, Travelling,Personal Task and Meeting we provide services for your office meetings and we provide you with experienced and qualified assistant.We provide a complete solution in social media marketing.



we manage mention services - Web design , IT outsourcing , Internet Marketing , Web research , Social media marketing , Content Writing , Data Analysis, Photo Editing, Email Management, Docket Management, Calendar Management , Travel Planning , Personal Task , To Do list etc


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