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  • A Law Firm based at multiple locations around US

Outsource function

  • Legal Admin


Our client operates in multiple time zones within US and their permanent work arrangement is ‘working from home’ for almost all employees. Coordination in a single time zone is near to impossible. They do have their paralegal support team but were still struggling with some of the tasks which would take up their time and lead to additional working hours plus pendency and pile up of work. Repetitive daily tasks needed attention and the senior attorney who approached us told us specifically of his need. He wanted someone to step in and take up these functions which he grouped as ‘Legal Admin Tasks’. They also had budgetary limitations.

With the intent of not adding additional high operational costs, the client contacted barcodeIP. They were looking for support who could take up the function and efficiently manage it for them.

The primary focus was taking off some tasks from their plate.


We put together a two-member team and offered a cost effective arrangement. It started with working with a single attorney and today after one and a half years we are working with 8 attorneys from different locations. Initially it took a while to understand the working of client, but with a little hand holding, the transition was done. We worked with the client and gained their trust enough for them to gradually lower down their pending work and then reaching a situation where the daily tasks were completed within the same day itself.

Some of the tasks that we took over were:

  • Reporting Letters
  • Filling up of time sheets
  • Updating trademark portfolios
  • Doing trademark searches
  • Formatting word and excel documents
  • Preparing clean and marked up claim sets

From doing admin. tasks we moved on to proofreading, IDS, illustrations and post NoA review. Today we do most of the paralegal tasks for them and have a 5 member dedicated team.

Key Success Points

The accuracy of work submitted coupled with the short turnaround time did the magic in our relationship with the client. Above all ‘Quality is important to us’. A desire to constantly evolve and improve is at the root of everything we do.

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