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There are many different types of software available to manage the docketing process.

Some programs allow for free text so that docketers can enter any information into the system as they see fit. Other programs calculate the due dates for docketers so that they won't have to manually do so. Some systems have audit logs to identify when the portfolio was edited.

It is important for law firms to research the different software that is available and choose the option that is right for them. Comparison of features of various IP docketing systems is as below:

App Coll Anaqua Foundation IP DIAMS
AppColl provides live webinars, email and telephone support, new customer one-on-one trainings, and an extensive knowledge base with 100s of articles and how-to videos Anaqua delivers complete Intellectual Property software and services solutions, tailored to your specific needs Receive reliable guidance from highly-skilled IP specialists on all jurisdiction and country law issues. DIAMS will automatically calculate due dates based on each country Dennemeyer has listed or according to the rules stipulated by the client.
Every module in AppColl is cleanly and efficiently laid-out, with a user interface similar to most email systems. Amplify, accelerate, secure, and strengthen new business intake Foundation IP double checks bibliographic data automatically, providing real-time discrepancy management and peace of mind. The DIAMS database is compatible with Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access.
Create automated docketing workflows, with template-driven emails keeping your team and clients informed. Know when your patents are blocking your competition Intuitive, user-friendly dashboards allow you to share and access information easily. DIAMS is one of Dennemeyer’s software platforms and continuously maintained. Content such as our country law is regularly updated and provided to our wide customer base
Every module in AppColl has the ability to import and export data via a spreadsheet in a universally compatible CSV format, making it simple. Enhance your IP portfolio management with best-in-class reporting, workflow, and document management tools Your IP data is protected and monitored 24/7. Ever since its release, DIAMS classic has set the standards for IP software reliability through constant performance and company workflow improvements.
AppColl integrates with the USPTO’s Private Pair, TSDR and the EPO’s Espacenet databases to allow for automated account setup Anaqua enhances your IP management operations and drive more value for your company or firm Gain clear alignment between all key players in the IP lifecycle, from invention submissions to litigation, and educate stakeholders on the value of IP. Both a document management system and an automatic data audit tool, DIAMS iQ is the most flexible IP software solution for modern Intellectual Property management.


Our docketing professional’s expertise on multiple docketing platforms allows in creating customized docket report within a short time span. All critical and non-critical documents are delivered within 24 and 48 working hours, respectively. We deliver rush projects as per client’s needs.

Depending on the volume of the work we offer different engagement models such as FTE Model, Hourly basis, per item wise, Transactional Basis. Our stringent evaluation procedure encompasses three-tier quality check to deliver optimum and error-free patent docketing solution.


Take advantage of barcodeIP’s expertise in delivering quality paralegal services at competitive prices, we will focus on increasing your productivity reduce costs and eliminate guesswork. Hire us to experience the intelligence in paralegals support services that shall meet your business aspirations. Virtual or remote paralegal support is a new reality – work with our award-winning team.

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